Conquest Real Estate Compares Advantages of Purchasing New Construction Homes Northville MI

Local investment group Conquest Real Estate discloses a comparison of both advantages and disadvantages of buying New Construction Homes Northville MI.

Online PR News – 19-October-2012 –Northville, MI – Investment group Conquest Real Estate compares both several advantages and disadvantages of buying new construction homes Northville MI. New construction Northville MI is a developing industry wherein homeowners have an option to purchase a house full customized according to their liking. However, due to the circumstances of the present economy, many are choosing the next best thing, which is to find resale homes that will suit their preferences.

While both invite benefits, choosing either has a drawback as well. To enlighten eager investors, Conquest Real Estate ( shares a practical comparison which will help buyers get a practical view of their investment.

Looking at the Positive: New Construction Northville MI Benefits
Conquest Real Estate emphasizes the feeling of a homeowner, stepping into a house all made for them only. This will be especially exciting, especially for first-time homeowners, who are eager to start afresh with the new keys to their dream home. Buyers can decide on the overall look of their homes, furnish it accordingly and convey their space preferences to the builders. The ability to be able to customize the home which reflects one’s personality is one great benefit of owning new construction homes Northville MI.
A new construction will also mean modernized convenience; energy-efficient lightings, cooling and heating system, plumbing and water pump. One can also add special upgrades to various parts of their houses, making it more comfortable for them. This makes a new home higher in value when it comes to sales, for the builder’s warranty, along with the new items in the home can counteract depreciation in quality.

Facing the Disadvantages of Buying New Construction Homes Northville MI
One cannot deny the fact that buying a new house has far greater advantages in modern times, but it has advantages too. Conquest Real Estate relates through their blog on their website ( that eager homebuyers will be faced with difficulties, especially when it comes to finances, time and effort. One should be prepared for a period of construction, expenses from the builders and additional fees caused by upgrades. Getting a wrong developer may also turn one’s dream home into something less, and other expenses such as closing costs, are higher for new homes.
Investing in property, whether it is new construction or resold, will always have its pros and cons, says Conquest. The best way to see things is to know one’s financial ability and skill to see through these projects.

About Conquest Real Estate Group: The Conquest Real Estate Group helps people looking to purchase real estate within the City of Detroit and the surrounding Metro Detroit suburbs. The group helps first time home buyers and experienced real estate investors. Currently, they provide service for real estate properties in Detroit, Southfield, Lathrup Village, Oak Park MI, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Redford, Eastpointe, Harper Woods, Warren MI, Novi, and Northville MI.

Conquest Real Estate has different divisions, which helps investors with the entire real estate investing process, including identifying investment properties, rehabbing properties, marketing and tenant placement, and property management. They have people who understand the entire local Section 8 process, including helping real estate investors pass their Section 8 property inspection and selecting the right tenants with Section 8 payment vouchers.

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